Here are some of my personal puzzle boxes.

If you've questions feel free to email me.

If you want to search the Net to buy them you can have starting point here: Where to get ?


 My own first step to puzzle box invetion

Up to now not very easy sliding. And still a litle bit to simple


 Puzzle box of unknown inventor


This is a good looking but very hard to open box


 3 * 3 cube


Very good!


 My fist test of making put together puzzles


Not easy to reassemble


Self build cross


There are a lot of different cross varieties - This one is easy to build due to its simple geometry

Self build:

Mexican Frustration Box


 VERY hard to solve! Very intelligent trick but once you've see the solution its simple

 Justice Cup


Not a puzzle. If you fill the cup it empties magically

Indian secret lid box


A typical gift from india

 Key prison


Fist time hard to solve - but not very intelligent

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