Here are some of my personal puzzle boxes.

If you've questions feel free to email me.

If you want to search the Net to buy them you can have starting point here: Where to get ?

Yosegi 7 step box.

(Himitsu-Bako=Secret Box)

This is a very fine art japanese puzzle box. Sequential solving is not hard but it's the best woodwork I've ever seen.

Akio Kamei

Treasure Chest

A puzzle which impresses by it's shape.

Botteled Frustration

You will glad to have solved it getting mad to put it together.

Justice Cup

This is not a puzzle but a decorative item with a nice background.


Lockout is a nice puzzle.

Insiders will solve it immediately.

Lunatic Lock

Lunatic Lock is one of my best puzzles. You will be impressed how simple things can be - when they are solved!

Natural Wood


I've only the first of the four and it's my oldes puzzle.


Marcel Gillen:

Hale the King

A nice puzzle that looks great.

Dan Feldmans

Dan Lock




Akio Kamei's Heart box

Not very intelligent opening and a very small compartment.

Marcel Gillen:

The Rock

A nice puzzle. Look how people solve it. Some only need to take a look and open it !

Snap Happy

Does not look great. But a new Trick and I still don't now how to build a box that perfect.

Sword in Stone

I solved it. But I still don't know how it looks like inside.

Akio Kamei's

Drawer Box

This Box is a great gift. Looks very good and is not hard to solve.


A great puzzle for children and very easy to build.

Key of Nburu

This is not originally a puzzle. You can find the same item as a magical key.

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